ready to use python, need help with GUI decision

Lothar Scholz llothar at
Sat Mar 6 00:29:46 CET 2004

simoninusa2001 at (simo) wrote in message news:<30260531.0403032108.3bfc4312 at>...
> If you've got some money to buy a Windows commercial license, or just
> want to program for Linux/GPL, then I'd say go with PyQt. The only
> thing that puts me off is the stupid licensing issues which even the
> PyQt/Qt/BlackAdder folks don't seem to grasp.

Why ?
>From there website it seems to be clear:

"Includes the rights to distribute the run-time elements (except
mxODBC) with your application."

So why do you think that this is unclear. Did you found any comments
from QT ?

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