curses bkgd problem

Lee Harr missive at
Mon Mar 8 23:28:13 CET 2004

On 2004-03-08, Gandalf <gandalf at> wrote:
>   Hi Python Gurus!
> I read the documentation on the python curses module and I started a new 
> application.
> So far I did this:
> stdscr = curses.initscr() # Get standard screen
> curses.start_color()      # Uses colors
> stdscr.bkgd(' ',curses.COLOR_BLUE ) # Set background of the main window
> curses.noecho()           # Do not echo input
> curses.cbreak()           # CBreak mode: process keys immediately (no ENTER)
> stdscr.keypad(1)          # keypad mode: parse control sequences
> stdscr.redrawwin()
> stdscr.refresh()
> However, it is displaying $ characters in black instead of displaying a 
> blue background full of spaces.
> This must be a problem with my bkgd call since this works fine:
> curses.init_pair(1, curses.COLOR_RED, curses.COLOR_WHITE)
> stdscr.addstr(0, 0, curses.longname(), curses.color_pair(1) )
> stdscr.refresh()
> (writes "X11$terminal$emulator" in the top left corner in red and white).
> Please help me out with a few lines of code.

I must have had some trouble setting a background color also, as my
curses project has a module I called  ...

import curses

def colorFill(scr, pair):
    if curses.has_colors():
        (h, w) = scr.getmaxyx()
        for y in range(h-1):
            for x in range(w-1):
                scr.move(y, x)
                scr.addch(' ')

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