Prothon, metaclasses, Zope [Was: A 'Python like' language]

Greg Ewing (using ieyf4fu02 at
Tue Mar 30 03:25:21 CEST 2004

Joe Mason wrote:
> In article <95aa1afa.0403280258.41dc5cd9 at>, Michele Simionato wrote:
>>Uh? The base class __init__ method is not called when I derive a new
>>class. I want to make the make the check at class level, *before*
> It is if you call the inherited __init__ method, which you should be
> doing because it probably does important stuff.

But presumably he wants the check done only once, when a subclass
is defined, *not* every time said subclass is instantiated. In
Prothon it appears that both of these end up invoking the same
__init__ method, so there's no way of telling them apart.

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