how import works

Anand K Rayudu anand at
Tue Mar 16 12:35:08 CET 2004

Hi all,

Currently i have embedded python and extended my application for python.
While invoking python intrepter I call following function so that all my 
exposed APIs are available for python scripting.
Py_InitModule("myModule", MyModuleMethods);

This is fine so far.

But i have a requirement that end user can add his own extension modules,
so in that case I don't want to change code to add some more intializations
Py_InitModule("myModule", MyModuleMethods);
Py_InitModule("myNewModule", MyNewModuleMethods);

import myNewMoudle should call above function.
Is there a way that i can do it, I believe disutil can do some thing, 
but not sure of how it works.

The solution should be compatible on all UNIX and Windows machines.
Can some one please help me on this subject & probably some link to 

Thanks in advance.


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