New to Python; what about #include, extern and function prototypes

Hamilcar Barca hamilcar at never.mind
Sun Mar 7 08:01:15 CET 2004

In article <Fkx2c.105588$jf4.6345669 at> (Sun, 07 Mar
2004 05:14:20 +0100), Bo Jacobsen wrote:

> I'm new to Python, and it looks as if there is no
> C like "#include and extern" or function protypes. 

That's right.

> No shell like ".
> ../filename"

I don't understand this part.

> Is there any way to implement them ?

I don't know.  I've been a C programmer for almost exactly 20 years: Neither 
"extern" nor function prototypes are necessary in Python.

> PS: For me, "import module" is no replacement for include.

"import" and "#include" do not have exactly the same meaning but they
accomplish more or less the same result.  

What is it you're trying to do that requires these C/C++ features?

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