imaplib.IMAP4: Bug in implementation

Tony Meyer t-meyer at
Thu Mar 18 03:48:40 CET 2004

>>> Have you tried uid("STORE", uid, "+FLAGS", "(\SEEN)")?
>> I was bitten by this just the other day.  Donn is correct, 
>> adding the surrounding parentheses fixes the problem.
> Actually it looks to me like there are parentheses in either 
> case.  What I wanted to try is two separate parameters, 
> rather than the whole thing "+FLAGS(\SEEN)" as one parameter. 
>  I think that will solve the problem, but am just guessing.
> As far as I know, this is different from the parenthesis 
> issue you allude to.

I should have read it more carefully :)  The solution is indeed to split up
the args (tested).

It's still a result of the same flaw in _checkquote(), though, because in
the OP's version the whole UID STORE arg after the number is quoted, when it
shouldn't be.  I'd still like to see that function improved (which would fix
both the problems described, the OP's and mine), although I suppose there's
always Twisted.

=Tony Meyer

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