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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at
Tue Mar 16 10:18:13 CET 2004

On 15 Mar 2004 21:15:47 -0800, alessandro_valerio at (pius)
> i'm new in programming; i'd like to find a good programming book, full
> of examples guiding me step to step in the marvellous world of
> programming.

Best place to start is the non programmers section of the Python
web site. Despite the fact that I wrote one, I don't think most
folks need a book to learn the basics, there are plenty of web
tutors for that. Pick one you like and work your way through it.

(If you do want a beginners tutor then feel free to buy mine
though! :-)

More useful is to get an intermediate level book like Programming
Python by Lutz.

Also a concise referce like "Python in a Nutshell" or 
"Python Essential Reference" is handy.

Also you might find some of the more general programming books
useful too:

The Pragmatic Programmer by Hunt & Thomas is good
The Practice of Programming by Kernighan & Pike is another

Finally all serious programmers should read 
Code Complete by McConnell.

And if you really want to understand the underlying theory try
Structure & Iterpretation of Computer Procrams(SICP) by Abelman
and Sussman - a classic which is also online:

That should keep you busy! :-)


Alan G.
Author of the Learn to Program website

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