Multi-user quiz show game

Alex Li likwoka at
Mon Mar 1 20:51:06 CET 2004

Hi all,

I would like to create a quiz show game for play in a party.  The
physical setup would probably be a big screen where everyone (players
and host) can see, which shows a question, and a multiple choice of
answer.  The player, with a client computer and keyboard in front,
will press a key to pick an answer.  The client program, will then
send the player's choice through the wire to the server program.  The
server program will validate the player's answer and the one that is 
correct and fastest will get a point.  Then we go on to the next

Some more specific requirements:
1) the programm will probably run on some windows machines
2) need unicode support (ie. questions and answers will be shown in
3) the display will be a full screen display (ie, no window's toolbar
or taskbar shown)

My current thinking is:
1) Use twisted for the networking code
2) Use wxpython for the screen display

My questions are:  
Does anyone have any recommendation of what frameworks/libraries to
use?  I am kind of worry about mixing all these libraries/frameworks
together for them to play nicely... Would pygame help simplify?

Thanks a lot,

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