Where to offer simple apps

Miklós nospam at nowhere.hu
Mon Mar 29 10:13:19 CEST 2004

Sourceforge? Savannah?
or c.l.p ? :)

Or have a look around at www.python.org ..
then decide if you like pypi or Starship, etc.


"Christian von Essen" <christian at mvonessen.de> wrote in message
news:c46tob$bkl$1 at online.de...
> Hi all
> I've written a little .ini fileeditor, neither important nor good enough
> to become an own project, but for me important enough to want to get
> some feedback, as it is my first more or less sensible python
> application. Where is the best/a good place to offer this code and ask
> for feedback.
> Well, it seems, that I already offer my code here ;)
> The application consists of 442 lines in 2 files. I use Tkinter and my
> own ini-parser because I wanted to learn how to parse such a simple
> Christian von Essen

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