Need advice on choosing skills.

Robin Munn rmunn at
Tue Mar 23 22:55:00 CET 2004

Randall Smith <randall at> wrote:
> Funny you said that.
> I chose Postgresql about a year ago to use at work for several projects 
> and have never looked back.
> I started working with wxPython about 2 months ago and like it for the 
> same reasons.
> I built a website using Webware.
> I'm looking for a solution for tying together PHP to a python backend. 
> xmlrpc, soap , corba maybe.  Might twisted be good for this?
> Thanks.
> Randall

I believe it would be. I'm only at the early learning & experimenting
stage of learning Twisted, so I can't comment in depth, but here's their
howto for doing XML-RPC and/or SOAP in Twisted, and the code looks nice
and simple:

Robin Munn
rmunn at

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