Regular Expression AND mach

Fuzzyman michael at
Fri Mar 26 09:49:50 CET 2004

"Greg Ewing (using" <ieyf4fu02 at> wrote in message news:<c3tjon$2c6trb$1 at>...
> Fuzzyman wrote:
> > So I'm currently just searching for
> > the longest word - KirbBase then returns the full *text* of each song
> > containing that word... and I'm just checking each song to see if it
> > has the other words :-)
> If you need to do a lot of searches of this kind, you might
> find it worthwhile to build an index indicating which songs
> each word occurs in.

Hmmmm...... possibly. It seems a shame to store a database with all
the songs in *and* build a full index.

For this project, the solution I have is fine. I may well need to look
at an indexer for another one soon though.




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