Python for large projects

Diez B. Roggisch deetsNOSPAM at
Tue Mar 23 01:18:09 CET 2004

Paul Rubin wrote:

> 1) Optimizing C/C++ compiler, like GCC
> 2) Full featured web browser, like MSIE or Mozilla
> 3) Full featured office suite, like MS Office or Open Office or KDE
> 4) Avionics for the space shuttle
> 5) Internals of a large telephone/data switch
> 6) Tax processing software for the IRS
> 7) Operating system kernel (Linux: the next generation)
> 8) Accounting software for a big bank
> 9) Full featured database like Oracle or Postgres
> 10) ... well you get the idea.
> Which, if any, would you write in Python?  By "write in Python" I mean

Which, if any, would you write in JAVA or C#? I think for a project in
"userland" thats not on the number crunching or machine architecture side
like a kernel2, python often would be a viable alternative.

And the spaceshuttle runs on a 68K processor - I bet a modern 3GHz processor
running python can beat that :) 


Diez B. Roggisch

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