Tkinter default bindings

Phil Schmidt phil_nospam_schmidt at
Mon Mar 1 17:49:51 CET 2004

I have an Entry widget inside a Frame. The Frame contains other
widgets as well. I have bound the <Key> event to the Frame, but I
don't want the Frame to receive the event when the Entry widget has

So, I bound the <Key> event to the Entry widget (bound to method
a_key()). This works, except that both the Entry and Frame widgets get
the event. This also forces me to implement event handlers, which is
fine for the Frame since that's what I want to do. But I want the
Entry to use its default handler, not my own handler. Rather than
duplicate all that functionality, I found I could accomplish this by
temporarily unbinding the events, re-generating the event, and then
re-binding the events, as follows:

    def a_key(self, e):'<Key>')
        self.entry.bind('<Key>', self.a_key)'<Key>', self._parent_class__keypress)
        return 'break'

This works, but it's kludgy. Is there a better way to do this? I just
want the Entry widget to receive the event when it has focus, behave
in its default manner, and not have the event propagate upward to
containing widgets.

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