fox 1.2.x and FXPy

Asier katximan at
Wed Mar 24 23:10:00 CET 2004

Josiah Carlson <jcarlson at> wrote in message news:<c3qdlm$b8n$1 at>...

> Well, if you checked date stamps, Asier's message about "startup times" 
> being critical was roughly 20 hours after my my message.
> Asier originally said, "wxpython is horribly slow" with no pointer as to 
> the startup time being slow.  Both Peter and I believed he meant 'slow 
> while running', which neither of us have experienced, which is why we 
> commented.

Please, excuse me if the reasons showed in my first message were not
very technical but I'm a bit tired of the "eternal war" of GUIs in
Python. I'm programming with Python for one year and I haven't found a
portable, free and 'batteries full' GUI toolkit -perhaps now pygtk-.
Please, don't think I'm a troll or something like.

I like a lot the message system used in FOX and the quality/quantity
of its widgets, but the lack of maintenance of fxpy makes me cry. I'm
thinking about learning SWIG to maintain the package because often
this toolkit is forgetted.

I see wxpython more like a framework than a GUI toolkit. If I'd want a
GUI I would use GTK which also is multiplatform and also has lots of
widgets. But this is caused by my customer's hardware: it's very old.

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