Xemacs syntax highlighting

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Mar 12 16:45:40 CET 2004

    Roy> BTW, although Apple ships OSX with both emacs and python
    Roy> pre-installed, they don't include the python-mode.el.  Any idea
    Roy> what the best way is to suggest to Apple that they include it?

Nope.  You might ask on pythonmac-sig at python.org.  I don't know if Jack
Jansen channels Steve Jobs or not, but I think Chuq von Rospach keeps an eye
on that list.  I would think if anyone could squeeze python-mode.el into a
future release he could.

    Roy> They also ship python without gnu readline enabled :-(

That's the joy of being able to build from source. :-)

turn-that-frown-upside-down-ly, y'rs,


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