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> kbass wrote:
> > I am new to Python and I am attempting to retrieve data from a database
> > I would like to place this data into a nested dictionary. After placing
> > data into a dictionary, I would like to loop through the data using for
> > loops. How would I do this?
> It's hard to say exactly how to go about building the dictionary
> without knowing more about the format of the data and how you
> want to structure it. Posting some sample data together with
> the dict you want to build from it would help.
> As for looping over the dictionaries, some general facts you
> might find useful are:
>     for key in dictionary:
>        ...
> will loop over all the keys in the dictionary.
>     for value in dictionary.values():
>        ...
> will loop over the values (but you won't know what
> their keys were).
>     for key, value in dictionary.items():
>        ...
> will loop over all the key/value pairs in the dictionary.
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An extra would be:

Data Source: Select region, source from accounts;

I want to be able to store the data from the select statement into something
revenue [source][region = return data from the select statement

To loop over the data, I would like to perform something like:
    for src in revenue:
      for reg in revenue[source]:
        for value in revenue[source][region]
           print something

Hope this makes sense. Thanks!


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