py2exe distribution wants internet access (DNS)

Otto Krüse otto_kruse at
Thu Mar 11 11:26:12 CET 2004


I've made a small GUI program that connects with a MySQL database to 
collect information which is put on the screen. The database and the 
program are used for testing purposes so I installed them locally and 
only use them locally (so on my own computer).

When I run the script from a system (WinXP) shell through the python 
interpreter all goes well. However when I make an executable program of 
it through py2exe there's a problem. When I start the .exe file the 
program wants to 'talk' to my DNS on the internet. My firewall sees this 
and asks me if this all right.

Now if say 'yes' to the firewall the program runs as expected. But if I 
say 'no' my program won't connect to the MySQL server. Now this isn't 
quite right, I run MySQL locally so DNS access should not be necessary. 
This firewall stuff also makes distributing the program harder: not all 
users have access to firewall choices, on some machines programs are 
blocked by default.

Why does the original python script run normally but does the py2exe 
'conversion' of it want DNS access? How can I change this?

Thanks in advance,
Otto Krüse

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