Question please

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Mar 7 02:06:54 CET 2004

Abe and Barb K. wrote:
> I have a new HP computer that seems to have come with Python 2.2 with 
> win32 extensions software.
> I'm not a programmer or tech and would like to know if I can just remove 
> this software without affecting anything in my system as it is taking up 
> space if I'm not going to use it?

It's probably part of some system maintenance utilities that HP 
includes, and you're best off leaving it alone.  There's a note in the 
Python FAQ at that mentions this sort of thing in case 
you're interested.

Besides, as this is a new computer, it's very likely that the disk space 
being taken up by Python is a small fraction of one percent of the 
total, and you're really not gaining anything significant by doing this. 
  It ain't broke, so don't "fix" it.


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