a desired python editor

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at nospam.uci.edu
Tue Mar 9 07:53:54 CET 2004

> 1) Freeware (desired)
> 2) Runs on Linux (required)
> 3) Syntax high lighting (required)
> 4) A separate window for each file opened (desired)  
> 5) A way of seeing (and jumping to) the names of all methods/functions 
>    data elements in the file. (required)

Idle; 1-4 are easy.  For 5, check the "class browser" functionality, and 
is included with Python.

As already mentioned, DrPython has them all 
(http://drpython.sourceforge.net), requires wxPython.

If you would like an attached "class browser", and don't mind having 
tabbed editing functionality, PyPE may suit you 
(http://pype.sourceforge.net), also requires wxPython.

If you would prefer MDI (rather than tabs), don't mind the "class 
browser" being slow, SPE may suit you (http://spe.pycs.net), also 
requires wxPython.

On the other hand, Eric3 looks to be pretty sweet: 
http://www.die-offenbachs.de/detlev/eric3.html (requires PyQT and 
QScintilla).  I'd probably be using it, if I could get it working in 

  - Josiah

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