Prothon Prototypes vs Python Classes

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Mon Mar 29 17:25:28 CEST 2004

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> What difference does it make what the standard length of a tab is as
> long as it remains the same throughout the program? As long as the size
> is uniform it should render just fine.

I think you misunderstood. There is no "standard" length of
a tab. A tab is supposed to insert (or otherwise render the
equivalent of inserting) enough spaces to go to the next "tab stop",
which by convention is a multiple of 8 columns on a fixed
width mechanical typewriter. This is where tabs originated.

> >There is, of course, no standard at all for how to change
> >the default tabbing in programs, which means that one
> >has to deal with each and every one on an individual
> >basis - if it's even possible.
> >
> >
> Again, as long as it's uniform does it matter? It won't change the logic
> of the code as long as it opens a tab as a tab and saves a tab as a tab.
> If you can't trust your editor to do something that basic then trash it.

It matters. 8 columns is much too wide for indents in readable code.
People do differ on that, but that seems to be the concensus.

John Roth

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