Package name with '.' in them: Python Bug ?

Christian Tismer tismer at
Sat Mar 20 18:51:40 CET 2004

Yannick Patois wrote:

> Hi,
> It's always very funny to read commented on  onself at the third person;)
> I'm sorry to lost reader's time on this message, which is off-topic, 
> but, I couldnt resist to respond, being directly involved in this post.
> John Roth wrote:
>> The reason he's getting the flack he's getting 
>> His response to Terry's
>> original attempt to help him see what was going on was
>> both rude and sarcastic; that kind of behavior simply isn't
>> acceptable on this newsgroup.
> Then, the behavior of Terry should also have been quoted as rude and 
> sarcastic. Most readers understood what I meant with my (incorrect) 
> qualification of "static".

Sure, I had no problem to understand, and my first reaction on
Terry's reply was like "why is this needed".

Maybe this is perceived differently by different people,
as I can understand John's POV well as well.
And it happens quite often if you are answering many questions,
that you get bored since you see the same stuff again and again.
At least for my part, I sometimes react less friendly to newbie
questions than I should. When I'm lucky, I read it again
before sending and start over :-)

> I hope persons should be able to post here 
> even if they dont master python vocabulary from a to z.

This should be no problem, and I think this was misreadings/
misunderstandings, and I hope that you all bury the hatchet
and be constructive, again.

a nice weekend to all -- chris

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