Gadfly ????

Fuzzyman michael at
Thu Mar 4 10:24:03 CET 2004

Gadfly looks like an interesting database system for python. I am
working on a couple of projects that may benefit from using a database
(on the other hand, these days - is there really aproblem with using
dictionaries that are a couple of meg in size and searching through
those ??).

One of these projects is a customer feedback database that will be
installed on our intranet - so I was looking for a pure python

I thought Gadfly was a pure python implementation - however when I
download the package it looks like it's optimised to work with
kjBuckets and kwParsing.

*However* - there isn't a pre-built version for windows (my test
platform ;-) for python 2.3 - and there are scant and confusing
references to it on the web......

Is kwBuckets still being 'developed', is gadfly worthwhile without it,
has anyone else compiled it for python 2.3 ??



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