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Mon Mar 8 10:36:46 CET 2004

Irmen de Jong <irmen at> wrote in message news:<404b2680$0$564$e4fe514c at>...
> ketulp_baroda at wrote:
> > User can submit any attachment and can view all the attachments
> > submitted by other users.
> > Attachment contents can be anything.
> > So where should I store the attachment 1)In database 2)In a file on
> > server
> You give too little information to provide a conclusive answer.
> However,
> Putting stuff in a database can be complicated (BLOBs and stuff)
> but usually takes care of concurrency control (i.e. accessing the
> data by multiple users at the same time; everyone should only
> see THEIR file(s)).
> Storing stuff in the filesystem is by far the easiest. You don't
> have to set up and access a database. But you DO have to make sure
> that each file is uniquely named (you don't want me to overwrite
> your 'curriculum.doc' now do you) and probably have to do
> some concurrency control yourself.
> Also you have to think of a way to identify which files belong
> to which user, and make sure that user A cannot access user B's files.
> --Irmen

Sorry for the little information I provided.
In the application the  user can't edit or remove his or any other
user's attachment.What he can do is only add new attachments or view
the attachments present.I already have a databse where I have stored
the information about the
users present.So it will be no problem to store info about
attachment.Is it a good idea to store attachments in database??
But by hearing the problems I have to face with files like you said I
think database is a godd option

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