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Stephen Horne  <steve at ninereeds.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
>I missed that. There's good precedent - it's the Pascal 'with' block,
>but better (the leading dot tells you that you're dealing with a
>'with' item rather than normal scoping rules). But - well - just
>recently, people keep telling me that indented blocks are purely about
>control flow. I keep disagreeing, but no-one has bothered agreeing
>with me so I was feeling rather lonely and miserable in this crusade

Huh?  Where were they telling you that?  (I don't read all of c.l.py by
a long shot, 'specially when I've just gotten back from PyCon.)  From my
POV, indented blocks are about program structure and namespaces.  Saying
that ``class`` refers purely to control flow definitely misses the point.
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