Why Python?

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> I am looking at learning Python, but I would like to know what its
> strengths and weaknesses are before I invest much time in learning it.  My
> first thought is what is it good for programming, however I expect an
> answer from the python newsgroup to be something like "everything".  So
> maybe a better question is what type of programming projects is Python a
> bad choice?
> What makes it better or worse than languages like perl, php, delphi, or
> c++?
> Thanks for your opinions.
> Todd.

Why NOT Python?
I'm a noob at it, but so far I love it.  It's easy to put together a program
pretty quickly using it. Also, even when I have to code something up in, say
C++, I can still put together a prototype in Python first to get a better
understanding of the problem space.  (Ya have to "...throw one away..."
anyway, so why not use Python first?)
I know this doesn't _directly_ answer your question, but it does in a way.


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