examples of doing syadmin activities as a web app

Lee, Dustin dlee at rightnow.com
Sat Mar 27 00:05:54 CET 2004

I'm looking for an example of a well designed web application used to do sys-admin type functions.  Our company has a fairly large internal python web-app that we use for managing DNS, adding/removing pop accounts, installing/upgrading/removing instances of our (c/PHP based) customer product, etc.  Our home grown web app works very well and has been around and growing for 2+ years.  In my mind things are getting large enough that we could stand to think long and hard about the overall architecture and where we are going long term.  (Not that we've never thought about it, but you know how things keep growing and growing.....)

So basically I want to see well designed applications that are in the same space (sysadmin oriented).  I know of and have played a little with some of the big names in infrastructure (Zope, quixote, etc) but it's hard to really commit to one of those unless I see that it's really a good match for what we are doing.  For instance Zope seems more suited to content management type activities, though this may be naivety on my part.  And going through the tutorials doesn't give me a great sense of how it matches our needs.  Seeing something in action that is similar to what we already have would be more compelling.

Anyway our environment is basically your classic LAMP set up with lots of oracle thrown in as well.  I'm especially interested in uses of sudo called from web pages, authentication techniques and remote procedure calls.  We've got our own solutions to these problems but I'm interested in seeing other ways of doing it.  I'd even be willing to wade through non-python code if I'd learn something general about how to design such a system.


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