explicit variable scoping

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Tue Mar 23 16:37:40 CET 2004

"Jacek Generowicz" <jacek.generowicz at cern.ch> wrote in message
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> In Python, both "let" and "setq" are spelt "=". However, in the case
> of a global binding "(setq x y)" can be spelt "global x; x = y".
> "let" and "setq" give us a way to express whether we want to rebind an
> existing binding, or to create a new one.

Io makes a similar distinction, though "let" and "setq" are spelled
differently (":=" and "=", respectively). Their rationale can be found
here [1]. They don't appear to have considered 'let', e.g., "let a = 1".

On a somewhat related note, there's atleast one long debate [2] on
c.l.py regarding adding ":=" to the language (there are others if anyone
wants to sift through the archives). Although, that argument was about
adding an assignment expression, not a second assignment statement.




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