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Eric @ Zomething eric at zomething.com
Sat Mar 6 23:52:22 CET 2004

Oren quoted and commented:

> """...Python is talked about as the 100-year language. Why? Because they say it
> will be the only programming language in use a 100 years from now... 
> """
> I think I am as enthusiastic about Python as anyone else on this newsgroup
> but this gushing praise of Python in the preface makes me a bit uneasy. If 
> I were new to Python it would be a complete turnoff for me "...oh no, yet
> another religious fanatic..."
> I think it may be better to tone it down a little to avoid alienating 
> potential new converts to our secret cult planning world domination ;-)

Re:  World domination and secret cults

[note there is nothing sexual in my use of these words though if I wanted this post to show up in Google, I might use the word sex several times, and show kinky programming methods which dominate more submissive languages]

In terms of achieving world domination it is more effective to announce that you are dominating the world than to announce that you will dominate the world.

for example:
99.99% of all PCs run Microsoft Windows
MySQL is the most widely used database for internet sites
The world's leading search engine was built with Python
Girls, girls, girls
Python is the most powerful programming language with modern object orientation and a tie-in to British Humor
Playboy Playmates surveyed who use objects preferred Python programmers two-to-one over all other programmers, to the best knowledge of the staff of http://www.WorldDomPy.localhost.com

I think programming languages, like other things, will diverge further.  What programming language will be used to program each spec of a dust cloud of mesh-networking sensors?  Probably not an interpreted language.  On the other hand, for platforms that interface to humans, relying on a language like Python seems to make more sense with each passing month.

"Python is the dominant language for programming productivity."

Appreciative of all decent Python docs, thanks for the effort Swaroop!

A little non-linearity in thought can be good, right?  Though it is likely to raise some exceptions...

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