Any Python Hackers Wanna Beta Test????

Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Wed Mar 10 11:00:08 CET 2004

Miki Tebeka wrote:

> Hello Tim,
>> I considred something like this, but I don't actually want a full blown
>> language available to the end-user.  Too easy for them to blow things
>> up.  
> Yes. OTOH they'll want more and more power and more and more features. 
> Just hand them Python and warn them.

Well, unlike utilities or systems tools, I am disposed
to _limit_ what users can do with applications.  Microsoft
(and KDE and GNOME and ...) got themselves into trouble giving
users _too much_ flexibility, IMHO.  This creates a nightmare
for support personnel who cannot reasonably count on a standardized
applications environment..

>> I am working on something that is essentially almost entirely
>> a lexical substitution (aka macro) engine.  The only "logic" will be
>> conditional inclusion of selected statments and simple string
>> substitution.  I may also add lexical namespaces since this is easy to
>> do.
> Have you considerd using either the C pre processor or M4 macro language?

Well, I tend to write most stuff to be cross-platform and you cannot
count on these being present on non-Unix platforms.

> One more option is to link to a small language that you can modify, have
> a look at tiny scheme ( It's one C 
> file implementation and you have a full language to give to your users.

This leads to the same objection I have to using Python itself as a
scripting language: A full featured language hands users lit dynamite...

>> I used a similar idea when I wrote 'twander' and now I want a more
>> generic version of it:
> Very cool. I like it.

ty :)

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