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Sat Mar 27 20:35:45 CET 2004

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>claird at (Cameron Laird) writes:
>>smtplib presents a few other, even more marginal issues.  If an
>>installed MTA enforces institutional standards (disclaimers, archi-
>>ving, ...), smtplib is likely to subvert those.
>How so?
>The example for smtplib given here
>appears to relay mail through "localhost".  That will typically be
>equivalent to using the "installed MTA", right?

All true, and by neglecting to read the manual recently, I've
confused things.  Thanks for the correction.  

*I* have the habit of doing something that I now see the smtplib
documentation does not recommend--'fact, I now suspect that it
never did, and that it's my own memory that introduced all the
problems.  Here's what I should have written before: 
  smtplib is great.  If you get in the habit of using
  it to connect directly to the far endpoint, as I do,
  you risk the surprise of finding situations where a
  local MTA is an advantage.  In any case, though,
  smtplib can always be configured do at least as much
  for you as shelling out to a local mailer.

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