Why Python?

Rainer Deyke rainerd at eldwood.com
Mon Mar 1 06:12:48 CET 2004

Todd7 wrote:
> What makes it better or worse than languages like perl, php, delphi,
> or c++?

I'll focus on the weaknesses of Python instead of the strengths.

1. Computation intense Python programs tend to be slower than optimized
equivalent programs written in languages that compile to native code.

2. Python programs are somewhat difficult to distribute compared to programs
in languages that compile to native code.

3. Some other languages make it easier to detect certain classes of errors
in your code.  With a few exceptions, errors in Python code can only be
found by actually running the code or by checking by hand.

4. Python is only somewhat flexible about allowing you to customize the
language from within the language.  You can define new functions and new
data types, but no new operators, no new control structures, nor any type of
new syntax.  If you need to define a domain-specific language within your
program, Python may not be your best choice.

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