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> These posts are like big huge neon signs that say, "I'm IGNORANT."  If
> you hold that 1 language is better than all other languages, then you
> ARE ignorant.  LISP is a parsing language.  It's obviously not made to
> do the same things that C is.  LISP is extremely fast for processing
> data files.
> C in not an end-all be-all of programming languages, even though it is
> quite robust.  For instance, C is great if you are going to develop
> software for 1 platform.  However, if you are developing software for
> multiple platforms, Java is a better choice.
> Really these discussions boil down to the programmer him/herself, who
> is usually the one at fault for poor performance.  I'm not quite sure
> when this happened, but at some point programmers started relying on
> hardware for fast, efficient software and from that point on, the
> quality and emphasis placed on writing efficient programs has
> diminished.  If you want your code to run faster, make it more
> efficient... make it use less resources... and use the right language
> for the job.  Don't try to fit all things under one umbrella because
> that language has not been developed yet.

Quite valid arguments. However I have one question to ask, I am quite
naive with LISP { just couple of weekends ) but I think the OP did
raise some doubts in my mind. I mean to me LISP looks right now to be
just OK. Some people said that with all the () it is difficult to code
in but I think that with proper indentation that is absolutely
ludicurous. However when some one says that the code might be 31.?
times slower as compared to C, kinda of scares me. Could assert such
figures. I know speed is not the one and only goal but just wondering
if these figures are correct.



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