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| ok so i  use import to import a py file into my script.
| is there a way to list all the defined function labels that exist in the
| imported file?
| ie if  i import a file called test and test has defined functions  called
| myfunction1 my function2  myfunction3 etc    but i dont know  them,  is
there a
| method to list all the function labels in test and print them  as a
| test.mfunction1
| test.myfunction2
| test.myfunction3
| etc.

Roughly (untested) something like the following should get you started:

import some_module
import types
d = some_module.__dict__
for k in d:
    obj = d[k]
    if type(obj) == types.FunctionType:
        print "some_module.%s" % k


Vincent Wehren


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