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> The first one wouldn't work for sure.  Second one works if python
> is in /usr/bin, third one works if python is in some directory in
> PATH and env is in /usr/bin.  Assuming your own shell is bash,
> try "type python" and "type env" to see where those programs are.

I think I found the problem here. I was editing in Windows, saving to a
mounted Linux drive, running in Linux. It looks like some end-of-line chars
I didn't account for. I'm still having defunct trouble, but I'm going to
split this one off into a separate thread, going back a few steps.

> spawnv returns a process ID, if you use os.P_NOWAIT.  It returns
> the process exit status if you use os.P_WAIT.  If you look at the
> code, in, you will see that this second variation is essentially
> implemented by applying waitpid() to the first.

So, if I'm following this correctly, if I use os.P_NOWAIT, I shouldn't have
to apply waitpid(), no? And, then, I shouldn't have a zombie process if I
use P_NOWAIT, either. Am I getting this?

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