Garbage collector and threads

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>Aahz wrote:
>> Yes, Don't Do That.  Do not rely on finalizers for external resources
>> (such as threads).
>Why?  Isn't a kind of RAII applied to Python?

What's "RAII"?

>> Note that your understanding of Python's memory management could use some
>> improvement: GC *never* runs on objects containing __del__
>Well, I guess you're right.  What I mean is the reasons behind the call 
>to __del__, whatever it is ref-counting or something else.  Wouldn't a 
>class like CancellableThread, with a sub-class implemented cancel method 
>called when the object is not referred in any other thread be useful?

Perhaps, but threading needs references to created threads in order to
implement its functionality.  You might try building your own thread
constructs using ``thread`` directly.
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