Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at
Wed Mar 10 19:12:22 CET 2004

Hello all,

I'm looking for a good 2d/3d graphics library with python bindings (or
written in python).  I've found a few packages so far, and I'd like to
know what you guys think before I settle on one of them; I'm having a
hard time deciding which one to use.

- VPython: a 3d python package with high-level primitive support and
good user interface input processing, but no alpha channel API from
what I can tell (I need alpha processing capabilities)

- pygame: all-around high-level graphics manipulation with good event
API and alpha channel support, more do-it-yourself than vpython

- pyopengl: low-level (yet obviously powerful and high-performance)
option which integrates well with SDL / pygame

Right now my objective is to find a good API that will allow me to
perform fast alpha and blitting operations for a fancy menu system.
Do any of you have experience and subsequent advice?  I'm leaning
toward pygame.

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