python and multimedia

Brendan O'Connor brendano at
Mon Mar 1 05:53:21 CET 2004


You might want to check out which can at least do some of
the sound stuff.  It wraps the SDL library which runs on both Linux and


"Vedran Furac" <vedranf at> wrote in message at
> Is there any modules dealing with multimedia (it needs to be portable
> between windows and linux). I didn't found anything useful.
> For audio I need something to play mp3s (and ogg), extract frames,
> basic sound editing and effects. For video I need to play mpeg1,2,4,
> decode it, basic editing and frames extracting. Also I need something to
> capture video from tuner. I found fastaudio (portaudio), pyffmpeg (ffmpeg)
> pyVidCapture. But it lacks of documentation and I don't know if it even
> works...demo/ doesn't (at least for me).
> Any suggestions?
> Sorry for my bad english.

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