Updating Widgets

Jason Harper JasonHarper at pobox.com
Fri Mar 19 08:13:33 CET 2004

SWright wrote:
> Is it possible to make the un-named button update without closing and 
> reopening the window?

No, not if you insist on not giving the button a name so that you can
refer to it later.

The only widget options that can automatically track changes to a
variable are those with "variable" in their names, for example the
textvariable= option on Labels.  Even in the cases where you can use a
variable, it doesn't really buy you much to be able to call .set() on
the variable rather than .config() on the widget - you have to keep a
reference to SOMETHING in either case.  I think the only places in
Tkinter where use of a Tcl variable is unavoidably required are the
Radiobutton and Checkbox widgets, and the corresponding menu items.
	Jason Harper

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