Sending bulk email from a Python script

Cameron Laird claird at
Tue Mar 9 03:36:34 CET 2004

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Simon Willison  <cs1spw at> wrote:
>Our largest list at the moment is 4,000 addresses. The business we are in 
>(local online newspaper) means we are very unlikely to ever have more than 
>10,000. The answer certainly relates to sendmail, but I'm interested in any 
>experience other people may have with this kind of task. At the moment I'm 
>looking at using smtplib and just cycling through calling smtp.send() once 
>for every address but I'm not confident that that this is a particularly 
>efficient method. If there's a better option I'd love to hear about it.
You didn't mention how often you're doing this.  If it's 
only daily, there's no problem looping through smtp.send()
as you describe.  Really.  You're doing the right thing.

And good luck to you.  I have a soft spot for local news

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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