Advice needed: large OpenGL + Widgets Project for Molecular Graphics

Andrew Henshaw andrew.henshaw at
Tue Mar 16 05:47:42 CET 2004

Rick Muller wrote:


> 4. wxPython/PyOpenGL
>    Advantages: Seems to be a healthy, integrated solution to putting
>    an OpenGL window inside of a widget. Pretty widgets, and lots of
>    fancy features.
>    Disadvantages: The OpenGL install still crashed under Windows. A
>    widget set that not many people use? Also requires the most amount
>    of code rewrite, although if it's the best option it isn't a
>    problem.

This is the path we've chosen and it has worked out really well.  I am
surprised about the install difficulties, as we've put the code on several
systems and never had a problem.


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