Package name with '.' in them: Python Bug ?

Yannick Patois patois at
Sat Mar 20 16:52:17 CET 2004


It's always very funny to read commented on  onself at the third person;)

I'm sorry to lost reader's time on this message, which is off-topic, 
but, I couldnt resist to respond, being directly involved in this post.

John Roth wrote:
> The reason he's getting the flack he's getting 

> His response to Terry's
> original attempt to help him see what was going on was
> both rude and sarcastic; that kind of behavior simply isn't
> acceptable on this newsgroup.

Then, the behavior of Terry should also have been quoted as rude and 
sarcastic. Most readers understood what I meant with my (incorrect) 
qualification of "static". I hope persons should be able to post here 
even if they dont master python vocabulary from a to z.
If qualifiying someone as smart enough to correct my own lack of 
vocabulary is "both rude and sarcastic", then I feel that heavily 
underlining the lack of vocabulary of a contributor could be qualified 
the same. And my answer was so because of this attitude.

Of course, it's not an excuse: replying to rudness by rudness is simply 
stupid, I do agree.


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