Creating Charts

Larry Bates lbates at
Wed Mar 31 20:02:46 CEST 2004

I use Reportlib/Graphics and it works well for me.
I have one project where I generate nearly 8,000
unique barcharts (grading data for every school
in my state) and it is very fast.

I don't see the PIL requirement as bad, I use PIL
for lots of other projects also.  Getting this
going is worth the effort.

Larry Bates
Syscon, Inc.

"Thomas Guettler" <guettli at> wrote in message
news:pan.2004. at
> Hi!
> I need to create some simple charts with python.
> A list contains integers between 0 and mymax.
> I want to see how the values are distributed (How
> many are 0, how many are mymax, ...). The result should
> be a small (200x200) png file.
> I searched a bit:
> - gnuplot: Too big, too complicated
> - matplotlib: Too much gtk binding (I only need a png)
> - reportlib: Needs PIL. First try failed (_renderPM missing)
> Any hints on how to create charts?
> There need not to be a python-binding. I can
> call the external application with os.system().
> Operating System: Linux 2.4.20
>  Thanks,
>   Thomas

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