wxPython "Frames within Frames"

Simon Erikson owp at utanet.at
Tue Mar 16 12:09:48 CET 2004


I would like to build an app consisting of a "root" frame that can
contain an arbitrary number of child frames (the user will click to
create them).  Each of these child frames needs the full functionality
of a frame (title,menu,status bars, min,max,close icons, scroll bars,
sizing, moving).  In addition, the user must be able to create
grandchild frames within these child frames, to an arbitrary depth (in
practice limited to 10 or so).

As I understand it, MDI provides the means of creating the root and
first generation frames, but not the further generations.

I found this at 'http://www.orbtech.com/www/wx/epydoc/public/wx.Frame-class.htm'
A frame is a window whose size and position can (usually) be changed
by the user. It usually has thick borders and a title bar, and can
optionally contain a menu bar, toolbar and status bar.
A frame can contain any window that is not a frame or dialog.

Does this last sentence mean my quest is hopeless?  Can someone please
help me?

Thanks - Simon.

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