Fresh Python for Rotting Web Hosts

David McNab david at
Thu Mar 4 06:19:07 CET 2004


As a drastic solution to the endemic problem of poor python support 
amongst budget (< $10 USD /month) web hosts, I've created a HOWTO 
document called 'Fresh Python For Rotting Web Hosts', which is available at:

It walks beginning-intermediate Python web app developers through the 
steps of custom-building a self-contained small-footprint yet 
full-featured latest-version Python environment (around 9-14MB), 
installing this in one's home directory on budget web hosts, and using 
it to drive a website written as python CGI files.

Intended audience is people who can't justify the $25/month+ which it 
often costs to host a site on more python-friendly hosts.

This approach can serve as a stepping stone for sites starting small, 
looking later to migrate to more decent hosts.

Please feel welcome to peer-review the document, and let me know of any 
inaccuracies, omissions or unclear sections.


Kind regards


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