win gui thoughts? perhaps a non-Pythonic approach?

asdf sdf asdf at
Fri Mar 26 03:41:24 CET 2004

> bottom-line: i suspect that i'll much more quickly get a good gui 
> working with Delphi than with wxPython, and for little money to boot. 
> Might be a throwaway in the long-term but no problem if it is cheap and 
> easy.  My customer doesn't care either way.
> any thoughts on this?

i continue to research and i see a couple pythonic-ish approaches.

PythonCard which is quick with good doc and samples. It is right on top 
of wxPython so it could serve as gentle intro to wxPython and has 
somewhere to go (wxDesigner, inexpensive) if I start to hit the limits 
of PythonCard.

In the commercial area, QTDesigner with pyQT and possibly BlackAdder. 
Alarm bells go off when BlackAdder is mentioned because it arrived 
extremely late with an entire feature set (ruby support) removed. 
Python support is said to be complete, though.  QT is a thoroughly 
mature, professional tool.  Possibly a major learning curve if 
BlackAdder is a no-show.

I think that pythonic gui design tools appear viable.  I'm still trying 
to figure out if they are the best choice, for me, from a practical 
perspective (tradeoffs of learning curve and power v. non-pythonic 
commercial alternatives.)  Expense is not really a major factor.

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