Simple raster graphics ? How do I ...

Ray Molacha ray_molachaNOSPAM at
Wed Mar 24 19:02:25 CET 2004

Hi Everybody.

I'm learning Python on a Windows computer, using PythonWin.

I'd like to be able to do some simple raster graphics, like 
clearing the screen and plotting a point of some color. I want to 
plot some fractals and math functions just for fun. I understand 
the math ok -- I don't know how to do simple raster graphics. 

I've looked through the documentation, but nothing obvious jumped 
out at me. I saw the turtle module, but it seemed like overkill 
-- and maybe not exactly suited to my purpose -- given what I 
remember of Logo. (What I want to do would have been really easy 
in QBasic a few years back.)

I also did a Google search on <Python Windows "Raster Graphics">, 
which turned up enough hits, but I had trouble telling what would 
be appropriate. The obvious solutions seemed to use packages and 
modules that were only (as far as I could tell) available on 

I'd be grateful if someone would point me in the right direction. 
Or have computer graphics gotten so complicated that it's hard to 
do simple things nowadays?



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