Choosing Perl/Python for my particular niche

Ville Vainio ville at
Sun Mar 28 11:34:01 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Cameron" == Cameron Laird <claird at> writes:

    >> Since you happily use Perl, Python or Tcl, I have a
    >> question. How do you decided which one to use?  :-)
    >> Robert

    Cameron> Most often, whatever is already at hand.  It'll be
    Cameron> interesting some day to come across an organization that
    Cameron> doesn't already have a standard in place.

Many organizations don't, esp. if the actual product they produce is
not written in either of the languages. Some code may exist, but there
is no "official" standard. And if there is, there is a good
possibility of changing it if you are able to demonstrate clear
technical superiority in skunkworks projects. And w/ Python, you
are. Been there, done that :-).

Ville Vainio

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