Video module?

DH no at
Thu Mar 11 18:42:56 CET 2004

Mickel Grönroos wrote:
> Hi!
> Is anybody aware of some good Python module for playing video (mpeg-2,
> mov, avi or similar)? I looked at, but it does not seem
> stable enough for my purposes. I have also tried using Windows Media
> Player with COM, but that is cumbersome. The module must work on Windows
> (and preferably on Linux as well). Basically, what I need to be able to
> do is play a selected interval of the movie and if possible also rip
> the sound track from the movie file as a WAV file.

On windows, those are the only two options I know of - pygame or 
activex/com.   On mac, you have quicktime, too.
Or you could use jython and java with the java media framework or qtjava.

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