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François Pinard pinard at
Thu Mar 4 16:33:57 CET 2004

> > I have a bunch of questions about using python scripting in vim and
> > about editing python with vim.

> Thanks for all of the answers to the second question, but what about
> vim scripting with python? I can not find *anything* about it (no
> docs, books or tutorials)

Just do:

   :h python

in Vim, to get a compact, yet very usable description of Vim scripting
capabilities.  On my machine, this command displays the contents of:


You might have to recompile Vim with Python-enabled, if not already.  If
you visit the Vim site, you might search the scripts for those based on
Python extensibility, too.  I wrote one such script as an exercise (but
also to cover one of my needs), you might find it from my home page (see
my signature), picking "FP Etc.", then looking around for "Allout-Vim".

I use Python scripting of Vim very regularly, and it works wonderfully
for me.  I hope it will for you as well! :-)

François Pinard

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