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Tue Mar 23 23:00:50 CET 2004

Noah <noah at> wrote:
> Robin Munn <rmunn at> wrote in message news:<NmY6c.37375$PY.8898 at>...
>> Noah <noah at> wrote:
>> > I would like something that could put a GUI on this process.
>> > Not that this would make it any easier to use, but it would make it
>> > easier to market :-P Ideally the installer would allow for both GUI and 
>> > text based interfaces.
>> >
>> > Are there any Python based products that would help me build these installers?
>> > I'm trying to move away from the bash scripts and go with 100% pure Python.
>> Have you looked at SCons? Between SCons and anygui, you might be able to
>> put together a good solution pretty easily.
> SCons looks great! At first glance it seem to be exactly what I was looking for.
> I thought that AnyGUI was a dead project. No?

It may be; I actually meant easygui, not anygui.

Note that easygui is *not* meant to be a full-fledged GUI. It's meant to
be a quick-and-easy way of popping up dialog boxes to get the user's
input, instead of having to do it in the command line. In other words,
instead of doing:

    print 'What is your name?'
    username = raw_input().rstrip()
    print 'Hello,' username

You can do:

    username = easygui.enterbox('What is your name')
    easygui.msgbox('Hello, %s' % username)

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