inetd script in python?

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Mon Mar 1 20:30:01 CET 2004

In article <slrnc3v1ka.mk5.ncw at>,
 Nick Craig-Wood <ncw at> wrote:
> Jan <jan.kesten at> wrote:
> >  So far I read about that I could use stdin and stdout for
> >  communication since inetd handles the socket. And I read that I
> >  could use socket.fromfd to get a socket object to work with. But
> >  both do not work, I tried to send just a greeting back to the
> >  client or getting some text - nothing.
> You should find something simple like this works - inetd is supposed
> to make writing internet daemons easy!
> import sys
> while 1:
>     bfr =
>     sys.stdout.write(bfr)
> You can then test the code on the command line by typing stuff to it
> and seeing it print its output.
> Beware buffering though!

Indeed, to the point where the code you propose would not
work when you test it the way you propose.

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