Question please

wes weston wweston at
Sat Mar 6 19:52:57 CET 2004

Abe and Barb K. wrote:
> I have a new HP computer that seems to have come with Python 2.2 with 
> win32 extensions software.
> I'm not a programmer or tech and would like to know if I can just remove 
> this software without affecting anything in my system as it is taking up 
> space if I'm not going to use it?
> Thanks so much.
> Barbara K.

    It sounds like you are running a Dos/Windows variant
so it is unlikely anything system crucial needs Python.
You could probably move the Python to a new directory,
say, \PythonTemp. Run for some time to check it out,
move it back where it was, and uninstall.
    You could also check out the tutorial on
Python may be the fastest growing language - due to its

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